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Jimmy Fund Let's Game® Quest 2 Defy Cancer 2024

Join us on September 1, 2024

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Jimmy Fund Let's Game Quest 2 Defy Cancer

Join our Quest 2 Defy Cancer.

The Jimmy Fund Let's Game® initiative invites streamers, gamers, and content creators to make an impact on the lifesaving work happening at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Cancer doesn't stop and neither will we. No matter your game, no matter your location, you can make a difference in the lives of cancer patients around the world by joining our Quest today.

The Quest Chest

Once you sign up to stream, you will be sent an exclusive Quest Chest with items to support you on your Quest 2 Defy Cancer. Register above to get yours today!

These items include:

  • An exclusive Q2DC patch 
  • An exclusive Q2DC pin
  • A Jimmy Fund Let's Game sticker
  • Truth or Dare cards to use on your stream as a donation incentive
  • A special Q2DC parchment with instructions on how to unlock prizes along your Quest

Prizes & Incentives

On this journey, the prizes are unQUESTionably awesome! Exclusive prizes are unlocked as you reach different fundraising milestones!

$100 – Jimmy Fund Let’s Game pennant

$250 - '47 Brand Jimmy Fund Let's Game beanie

$500 - Jimmy Fund Let's Game T-Shirt

$1,000 - Jimmy Fund Backpack 

$2,500+ - Jimmy Fund Let’s Game gaming light

5 Tips to Get Started

  1. Add your own incentives to your page, like $10 for a Truth or Dare card or $20 to sing your favorite song live.
  2. Create your own milestones: “When I raise $500, I will eat five hotdogs” or “When I raise $5,000, I will dye my hair blue.”
  3. Connect your stream link to your Donor Drive account. Viewers can watch from your Twitch, or directly from your Donor Drive account!
  4. Join our Discord to become part of the Jimmy Fund Let’s Game community.
  5. Check out our resource center for overlays, plus more tips and tricks.


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